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Process Improvements

We constantly work to improve quality and processes that ensure a finished product with the least impact on the environment and consumers.

principio proceso

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To comply with a responsible consumption of supplies, in the fabric production plant; we have activated:

Investment in high-tech machinery

Time reduction in production processes.

Installation of electronic natural gas recorders to ensure the measurement of consumption.

Reduction of the loss of
weight of fabric during

Optimum temperature adjustment in equipment according to the process conditions.

Use of low ratio
bath for dyeing
of the fabrics.

We have also implemented projects and activities in our fabric production system that improve efficiency, such as:

Management System online information for production monitoring.

Inventory monitoring de each stage of the process.

Chain traceability of supply.

Reduced fabric waste.

Implementation code of bars and labeling de tracking fabrics.

Dashboard Deployment digital Kanban in productive areas.

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