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Our Philosophy

Vertically Integrated Company

We are a vertically integrated company because we manufacture our own fabric, sew it and sell it.

Fabric Manufacturing

Development and production of high performance synthetic fabrics.


Manufacture of underwear and sportswear.


A lingerie brand designed for any type of woman, with high-quality, comfortable intimate apparel that is perfect for day-to-day wear.

Our clients

Leading company in sports clothing, footwear and accessories. 

Leading sportswear company.

It is a youth underwear brand, with a contemporary and fresh style. Its garments provide comfort to those who wear it, since it is made of ultra-soft materials.

It is an underwear line that stands out for having fine materials, delicate and sophisticated designs,   that makes the women who wear their clothes look pretty, sensual and self-confident.

Technical sportswear brand for yoga, running, training, among other activities.

Leading underwear company.

World-class clothing brand specializing in plus sizes.

centric brands.png

Leading company in clothing and accessories.

It is a sexy and daring lingerie brand that breaks the mold.

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